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German courses in Berlin

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General German courses

You can choose between 20 or 25 lessons per week in a group course. We also offer several combinations with individual classes or just individual tuition (see below). One lesson lasts 45 minutes. The number of participants is limited to a 10 students. In high season there can be 12 participants in a course. There are no lessons on public holidays.

German course standard : 20 lessons per week Prices

Monday to Friday, 9:30AM - 1:00PM (or 2:30PM - 6:00PM in high season)
The Standard Course offers speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in small groups of maximum 10 participants (12 in high season)

German intensive course: 25 lessons per week Prices

Monday to Friday, 9:30AM - 2:00PM (or 1:15PM - 6:00PM in high season)
In the Intensive Course you will also develop the skills provided by our Standard Course with an additional special focus on communication. Maximum 10 participants (12 in high season)

German course minigroup: 20 lessons per week Prices

Monday to Friday, 9:30AM - 1:00PM
This course has been especially developed to meet the requirements of those people who prefer to study in a very small group on a very intensive basis. In this course you will have the guarantee that there will be not more than 5 people in your group.
Important notice: This mini group course is available only from September until June (not in July and August)

Combined German course:
standard course + 5 or 10 one-to-one lessons

You will take part in the Standard Course and additionally receive one-to-one private lessons where you will practice your German intensively and where you and your teacher can focus on your specific individual requirements.

Individual tuition Prices

Individual lessons are the most intensive form of language learning and ensure the greatest possible success. The lessons are tailored to suit the needs of anyone requiring specialized vocabulary for professional purposes, a particularly high standard of language training or for those wishing to make maximum progress in minimum time.


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